Are you exhausted?

It can be exhausting, waiting on other people to rise to an occasion or standard, that you’ve set but that they have no intention of rising to.

It can be exhausting, when you put yourself in a productivity binge – I must be productive, I must be doing something, did I do enough today, am I lazy, what would Diddy do etc.?

It can be exhausting, when you are in a dead-end job and you want to leave but don’t have the balls so the monotony of each day weighs on your subconscious, causing migraines and internal misery.

It can be exhausting, when you are determined to stay in that relationship a little while longer when you know that it was over six months ago.

So, I’ll ask again, are you exhausted?

It’s okay if you are, did you know that it was okay or do you feel weak instead? I don’t. I’ve been tired lately, probably overworking myself mentally more than physically. Yes, I workout five to six times a week but that’s my happy place not my stressor. It’s the mental warfare that seems out of my control but I know it’s not. It’s not only within my control but it’s completely up to me. Each day I can choose what kind of day it’s going to be, a stressful one or a good one – simple.

I believe it’s the things I feel like I can’t control that haunt my subconscious now and then. And that will be the case sometimes. If you are currently exhausted, it’s time to pull back. Summer is near, take a vacation, read a new book, workout, get some therapy, spend more time alone, pray about it more than you dwell on it etc.

I’d also advise learning something new that’s fun – not just something that is financially motivated. I am going to take skating lessons soon because I want to go to Cascade on a Sunday – that’s the only motivation. 🙂 Don’t forget to have fun. You’re exhausted because you don’t laugh enough, you don’t smile enough, you’re in a constant state of worry and it’s useless. Just be and rest when needed.

That’s it. You got this!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary, please share this with someone – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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