Don’t let your loyalty become slavery.  

I’m a Taurus and we are known to be unapologetically loyal. It’s one of the most unfortunate side effects of this zodiac sign, if you ask me, because sometimes we allow our loyalty to become slavery. Yes, I know, it’s not only Taurus’ that suffer from this anchored devotion but, I’m speaking from my own perspective. True unfiltered allegiance is an attractive character trait but … Continue reading Don’t let your loyalty become slavery.  

Don’t let someone save you for later. 

One more time for those in the back! Don’t let someone save you for later. There’s a huge difference between patience and ignorance. Being patient with a person, means that you accept that they’re a work in progress and you’re willing to give them some time to evolve, transform and grow. The key word is some time, not all the time in the world. Ignorance is knowing that a person … Continue reading Don’t let someone save you for later. 

The Limitations of Freedom 

You are free, correct? You have the freedom of thought, right? Okay, great – keep reading. We are free and it is that very fact that causes limitations within us physically, financially, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. If we had the fixed life of an ant, we wouldn’t be concerned with the stock market or curing cancer or riding around in BMW’s because that’s not a … Continue reading The Limitations of Freedom 

Why Should YOU Support Black Owned Businesses? 

Why? “Why” is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. You should always know your “why.” I know why some people buy Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga. For some of them its status, for others its quality and for other others its style. Whatever the reason, the cost doesn’t seem to matter all that much because there’s a strong desire tied to owning … Continue reading Why Should YOU Support Black Owned Businesses? 

Hey November! Issa #SelfCareChallenge Month!

November is that you playa? Ya boy October went by mighty fast but, we’re happy you’re here. I am speaking nothing but abundance, prosperity, wealth and good vibes over this month but, if all of those things are to come from me, I need to make sure I’m taking proper care of myself. I challenge you to put yourself first this month. Whatever do I … Continue reading Hey November! Issa #SelfCareChallenge Month!

A Jack of All, Master of None 

What a time to be alive!  It’s a time of prosperity and depravity, wealth and poverty, technology and social media, happiness and sorrow, day traders and seven-figure affiliate marketers, yacht owners and couch hoppers – similar to any other time I suppose, another generational saga of the haves and the have nots. It’s also a very competitive time to be alive, a time of constant … Continue reading A Jack of All, Master of None 

“Beware of Destination Addiction.” – Robert Holden

“Beware of Destination Addiction – a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job and with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.”- Robert Holden, Ph.D. What does happiness look like for you, what does it feel like? What makes you happy? Think about it. … Continue reading “Beware of Destination Addiction.” – Robert Holden

5 Books You Should Read Before the Year is Up!

Where are my readers at? I love a good book, a good book is timeless, just like a good album or a good movie etc. and reading is FUNdamental! Here are 5 books you should read before the year is up: 1. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist Do not ask me or anyone else what this book is about. Most people will say that it’s a … Continue reading 5 Books You Should Read Before the Year is Up!

I’m Tired of Starting Over! 

Can I get an, “Amen,” from the congregation? Hallelujah and all that but, let’s talk about it. How many of you are tired of starting over, in your relationships, in your career, in your faith, in your habits etc.? It can be a bit exhausting, especially with that mentality. You are not starting over from scratch, you are starting over from experience. One more time … Continue reading I’m Tired of Starting Over!