Confidence Over Haughtiness

Confidence is key but sometimes its’ misguided.  One more time for those in the back. Confidence is key but sometimes its’ misguided.  Without confidence, success becomes harder to achieve. However, too much confidence borderlines on superciliousness and that excessive self-assurance can blind your reality. Some people can be so confident that they’re deaf to the sounds of their own inadequacies. We see this a lot … Continue reading Confidence Over Haughtiness

Experience Before Profit

The internet gifts us the ability to learn what once required college or the proper connections. Now, you can learn any skill you desire from anywhere in the world for, typically, a fraction of the cost of college. That’s awesome! However, this educational freedom backfires when the modern day opportunist shows up on the block, someone who believes that they’ve perfected a skill that they’ve … Continue reading Experience Before Profit

The Curse of ‘Doing it for the ‘Gram’

I’m guilty. I’m guilty of getting dressed for the ‘Gram, traveling for the ‘Gram’, taking 100 selfies to find three perfect ones to post on the ‘Gram etc. and due to this recent realization, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from social media – Instagram in particular, as it is the only social media platform that I have an unhealthy relationship with.  Which social media platform do … Continue reading The Curse of ‘Doing it for the ‘Gram’

Stop Re-friending People!

Some people have a tendency to be more forgiving of one sub-set of relationships than others. For example, you may have an ex-boyfriend that you’d never let breathe the same air as you again but, you’ll keep being friends with a leech. You’ll keep entertaining that toxic cousin and you won’t set boundaries for your parents etc. Why are you incapable of gifting your “friends” … Continue reading Stop Re-friending People!

Blessings Over Burdens

Stop dating people that your bare minimums are too much for. One more time for those in the back. Stop dating people that your bare minimums are too much for. Someone’s, “Wow, that’s a lot,” is someone else’s, “Wow, that’s all you need.” Stop entertaining people where loyalty, consistency, consideration, patience and peace are a burden. You are not a burden; you’re a blessing. Stop … Continue reading Blessings Over Burdens

Step Into a Season of “No.”

“No” is a complete sentence. One more time for those in the back. “No” is a complete sentence. I’ve confidently stepped, damn near ran, into a season of “No.” I don’t owe you an explanation for my “No;” it stands alone, idle, proud and necessary. My “No” is personal and I owe it to myself to spread it around. I’ve spent years saying yes to … Continue reading Step Into a Season of “No.”

Keep Going!

Let’s check your temperature. How are you feeling? I feel proud of myself but, I’m also adulting. I’m paying bills, learning new skills, fostering new relationships, severing others, investing my money, spending my money, traveling more, reading daily and submerging myself in all things Me – because I deserve it. I’m unapologetically selfish right now and why shouldn’t I be? Let’s run that back. I’m … Continue reading Keep Going!

You Can’t Do It All – Pick Something!

The word “can’t” typically reeks of pessimism and extinguished possibilities but, in this case, its’ imbued with positivity and relief. The daunting pressure to master everything, to try everything, to make a profit from everything – leaves a stain of mediocrity. Being good at everything isn’t as notable as being great at one or two things. I recently attended a conference that lacked a theme. … Continue reading You Can’t Do It All – Pick Something!

The Quality of Networking

We subsist in a generation obsessed with quantity over quality. How many followers do you have on Instagram? How much money do you make? How many cars do you own? How many degrees do you have etc.? And it’s this obsession with quantity that places quality in the background instead of the forefront.   When it comes to networking, quantity is okay but quality is supreme. You could know 100 … Continue reading The Quality of Networking

The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need to Stay Consistent in the Gym!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to workout. I’m a fitness enthusiast, of sorts. I enjoy my time in the gym, I love pushing myself and I love the results – those do take time though. I frequently get asked this question, “How do you stay consistent in the gym?” My answer is simple, “I want it that bad.”  I … Continue reading The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need to Stay Consistent in the Gym!