Happiness Looks Good on You Jia!

Would it be shallow of me to create a blog article that is solely about my happiness? Maybe, but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m in a relationship! Can you believe that? A full-fledged, healthy, beautiful and loving relationship. I know, it’s hard to believe but I’m blessed and with this relationship I have been gifted an additional layer of happiness. See, I was … Continue reading Happiness Looks Good on You Jia!

Give Them One Week!

Are you attentive? Do you truly pay attention to people, their actions, their words, their intentions, their mannerisms, or lack here of? I believe that if you pay close enough attention to a person, during the dating phase, you only need one week to determine if this person would be a good fit for you. Yes, seven days. I know what you’re thinking, “How can … Continue reading Give Them One Week!

A Life Without Boundaries

You need to set some boundaries. A life without boundaries = open season on your a**! When you avoid setting boundaries, you are only encouraging disrespect and a lot of stress. Stress is the number one killer and in most cases, its avoidable. Letting people use you as a doormat to a home you’re not even welcome in is pure blasphemy. One more time for … Continue reading A Life Without Boundaries

5 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself

It ain’t trickin` if you got it! I will always trick on me because I earned it, because I’m worth it and because I deserve the best of everything and I will always gift that to myself. Never stop dating yourself, rather you are in a relationship or if you’re single. Treat yourself to vacations, gifts, a new home, a trip to the hair salon, … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself

Date Like an Employer!

Typically, people apply for jobs that they’re qualified for. You wouldn’t apply for a CEO position straight out of college. You wouldn’t apply to a Senior Technology Specialist position when you just got out of law school, right? Right. That said, it would behoove you to date like an employer. In other words, think of dates as interviews and don’t go on one until they’ve … Continue reading Date Like an Employer!

I Know What I Don’t Want!

Sometimes when a relationship, situationship, friendship etc. doesn’t work out, we only recall the bad that came from that experience. But that perspective not only limits your scope, it also causes you to miss a rather large point. People can enter your life to show you what you don’t want. We expect people to show us what we desire but trust me, knowing what you … Continue reading I Know What I Don’t Want!

Custom Orders Take Longer

Are you a patient person? Yes or no? I’ve learned to be.  Patience is necessary because custom orders take longer. You desire a bold, exciting and unapologetic life, right? You want to travel, procreate, party, love, succeed? A basic life doesn’t require patience just complacency. That said, when you desire a personalized experience in this life, not one copy and pasted from societal norms and … Continue reading Custom Orders Take Longer

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Happiness When I Was Miserable!

To be happy, what a chore it once was. I thought happiness was linked to a healthy family, money, vacations, a good job, kids, the perfect house, a nice car etc. but it’s not. Materialisms gift moments of happiness but not true internal joy. Being happy is merely a decision. Each day you can choose to be miserable or to be happy – simple, but … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Happiness When I Was Miserable!

Let Me Remove Myself

If your absence doesn’t matter, neither does your presence. One more time for those in the back. If your absence doesn’t matter, neither does your presence. If someone doesn’t feel your absence, don’t gift them your presence. Everyone wants to be cared about but sometimes you’re seeking care and affection from someone that could go with or without you. You think that you’re reprimanding them … Continue reading Let Me Remove Myself

Stop “double-backing” out of comfort.

We tend to lean towards what’s familiar. We like familiar smells, familiar tasks, familiar jobs and yes, we also like familiar people. Sometimes out of a fear of starting over, we will double-back to people we left alone for a reason, a damn good one – typically. Why? Because familiar is easier, less unknowns, less start-up time but it may end in the same way … Continue reading Stop “double-backing” out of comfort.